Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

Miss Jones and all.

After thoroughly depressing myself thinking about the world situation today (not like I can just ignore it), I decided to distract myself now with a couple of Doctor Who episodes. The first two episodes of S3, Smith and Jones and Shakespeare Code. Love them both. S3 is a mixed bag for me, containing some great stuff and some not-so-good, but I definitely love the beginning. Smith and Jones is the best first-episode-of-series that I've seen so far, and I love Shakespeare Code, even if the witch characters are a overly campy. (Oh my, a Doctor Who monster that is campy, surely you must be kidding!) Shakespeare's so great there and Martha's great in it, and 57 academics punching the air, and all that. I generally love the literature-centric episodes, they always make me want to read. I guess that's what I'll do now until it's bedtime.

And Martha, so good to see her again. I don't like the way her story becomes so much about her unrequited love for the Doctor, so I'm probably going to complain about that when I go on, but I love her otherwise. She just got a bit unfairly treated by the writers (not to mention the Doctor), but she's great herself. I love having a more bookish and studious sort of Companion for a change, and she can still hold her own in an adventure as well. And on a shallow note, she's so, so pretty. S3 is overabundant with pretty, really, what with her and Ten and also there being Jack in the last few episodes. So much pretty. Why don't I have the right kind of Martha icon to use now? Well, the Tardis is always good.

I've got Martha's Theme stuck in my head now. It's so pretty. No, I'm not going to find words other than pretty, it's too late in the evening for that.

I feel better now. The world's not fixed, but stories have a power to fix you, at least a bit. One of my motivations to keep writing. Who knows, maybe one day my stories can do some good as well.
Tags: doctor who, fandoms, martha jones
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