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Reports of snow, autumn, and things of fannish nature

I haven't been very active lately. The past few weeks have passed in exhaustion, as well as persistent cold which hopefully is now finally going away. My brain hasn't been up to much and my concentration has sucked. Because I haven't really managed to post, I also haven't managed to show off the pretty autumn-themed icons that tinnny made for me by request, such as this one. The post with the icons is here, if you want to have a look, and there are many nice ones I didn't take.

Now, admittedly, it is suddenly winter, with snow covering the land and decorating trees like we're in a postcard. I'm surprised if this snow will stay throughout the winter, but there's hope for it staying for a while now. It's so pretty, white and powdery and Christmas-card-like everywhere. It makes the northern darkness so much lighter. Still, while most trees are bare already, there are a few still blazing yellow, which creates a delightful, strange effect with the snow. October was spectacular this year, with bright yellow and orange and red colours everywhere. While it wasn't exactly a good month for me otherwise, at least it was pretty. Haven't had so many lovely autumn mornings in some time.

Also my fannish/cultural activities have been kind of down for a while, but slowly I'm picking up energy. Last Thursday, my copy of Becky Chambers' A Closed and Common Orbit arrived in mail, the independent sequel to The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet which I loved so much. By Saturday afternoon I had read it. Oops. I loved it nearly as much as I loved Planet. It follows two side characters, rather than the main cast of the first book, and the setting and the story is very different, but it's interesting, warm and engaging, and full of that humanity and emotion which I loved about the first book as well. And damn it, the world she creates is so full and real that one of these days I'm going to go to a café and order mek and be confused that they don't serve it.

Now lately, I gathered enough focus to continue with my TV series watching, too. Finished Torchwood S1 - I'm going to write more on that soon, loved the last episodes - and just now I returned to Doctor Who. Rewatched Runaway Bride - damn, I'd forgotten how much fun that was! The Empress is not the most convincing villain, but whatever, it's fun, and I love Ten and I love Donna and I love the sparkling sensation that is David Tennant and Catherine Tate acting together. I remember the first time around I wasn't exactly sold on Donna, but now that I know what she becames later in the show, I can better see the beginnings of what makes her so awesome, and such a great Companion to the Doctor.

I feel like that gave me a new dose of energy, so I'm certainly going to keep watching. But now I think I need to get off the computer and start considering sleep.

PS. Forgot to say. LJ has recently added a 'like' button, and I haven't yet figured out how to turn it off my layout. I do not approve of it. If you want to react on my posts, I prefer actual comments, which don't need to be long or elaborate. At least then I can react, and know someone really meant it, rather than just clicking it by accident. And then I don't feel like I'm suddenly on Tumblr. There are reasons why I'm on LJ rather than Tumblr. Thanks. And I don't plan to use it on anyone else's posts, so if I do, it'll be by accident.
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