Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud


Yay, I actually managed to do my public_call sign-up a day before the deadline. Not sure how coherent it is; I don't seem to know how to list my general likes and such even though I know what they are when they see fic with them. It's kind of like I never know what my favourite books are if someone asks for them.

Well, I still have a day left to edit this if I get better ideas for phrasing things tomorrow. At least I've known for several weeks what to request (and approximately what to offer), and I have a pretty clear idea of my dislikes, I just hope the rest of it doesn't confuse anyone. It got pretty late for me to do both this and the Yuletide sign-up, even though in both cases I knew what to request. I currently just suck at getting anything done, I've been so exhausted and getting thoughts to translate to words is hard. I think the only things I'm presently any good at are eating chocolate and drinking tea. And obsessing over the pretty dancers of the Finnish National Ballet, thank you very much.

I read Gail Carriger's Waistcoats and Weaponry, Finishing School Book the Third. It was a lot of fun. I always wanted to read an alternate 19th century story where a young lady carries a bladed fan, and now I finally got it. I'm going to see if there's something else I feel like reading now.
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