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Dear Public Call Writer

Hi, Public Call Writer!

Being rather new to the fandom, I thought I'd like to include a letter. I don't know how often people do them or how they usually do them, but here you go. I found Doctor Who about a year and a half ago - of course I'd heard of it before, but I don't watch a lot of TV series, and I'd just kind of missed out on the fact that this one could interest me. Once I did watch it, however, I was promptly hooked on the characters, the weird and wonderful world, the emotions, the starry-eyed wonder and the mixture of darkness and fun. I watched all of Ninth and Tenth Doctor, but after that I felt I'd like a re-watch before I go on, and I'm now in the middle of that, having re-watched S1 and S2, and being about to go onto S3 once I've finished Torchwood S1. Therefore the request in my details about avoiding spoilers beyond the Tenth Doctor era or beyond early S2 of Torchwood - I expect I'll have made some progress both with my DW re-watch and with Torchwood by December, but best to keep it within the limits I specified.

All of the relationships I requested are something I would be equally happy to receive fic for. And you can do anything you like, as long as you're mindful of my dislikes (some of them are things that are likely to make me feel emotionally and even physically bad, so while there are moods when I'll read stuff that's beyond my usual boundaries, or stories which deal with them in ways that work for me, it's better not to take chances in a fic exchange). The stuff in my likes, and ideas I'm throwing around in the rest of this letter, are just to give you an idea of what might interest me, in the case you're not sure where to go, have too many options or need something to spark you. But don't by any means let yourself be constricted by them or think you have to include something I mentioned - it's equally likely I'll be excited by something I didn't think to mention here, so if you have other ideas, just go along with them!

Repeating my dislikes from the sign-up: Graphic violence, torture, rape/non-con/sexual abuse, mpreg, character bashing. Also I'd prefer not reading much about any real-world wars or other strongly violent real-world events. Referencing them happening is fine, if the story needs it, but I'd prefer the story doesn't spend a lot of time in them. Though I don't mind the WWII stuff in The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances, but I prefer not to see the war in more detail than that.

And please no radical AU of the college/high school/coffee shop/vampire/etc. kind, I prefer the Doctor Who universe. Also, I'm very behind in my watching: so far I've watched all of Ninth and Tenth Doctor eras and S1 of Torchwood, and I'll probably be a little further along with Torchwood by December, but please avoid spoilers for Doctor Who beyond the Tenth Doctor era (ie. after End of Time Part Two; and I also haven't seen Classic Who yet), or Torchwood beyond early S2.

You can browse the Doctor Who tag in my journal if you feel like it - I occasionally post thoughts about characters and episodes. But while I originally intended this journal to be mainly just for such fannish thoughts, in practice I haven't yet had the energy to get that many detailed thoughts into written form, so it's a bit random and mostly it probably isn't all that helpful. And in any case there's no need to look at it, just mentioning that there is such a tag and there are a bunch of posts in it if that helps you.

These are the relationships I requested:
Tenth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler
Martha Jones/Rose Tyler

It says so also in the rules of exchange, but still, I'm happy either with slash/femslash/threesome or gen for these. And if you do write pairing/threesome, with any of them I'm happy with anything ranging from longing looks and sweet words to steaming, detailed sex. With sex I do prefer if the story isn't pure PWP, but I am very fond of seeing character and emotions shown through sex, so that will already count as "more than PWP" in my book, without them necessarily having to do anything else if that's how the story comes out.

Here are a few thoughts and possibilities about the relationships I requested, but you don't need to use anything I mentioned, or even read them if you don't want to. Feel free to discard them or use them as a starting point and bounce off to an unexpected direction. I'm just as likely to enjoy that.

Tenth Doctor / Jack Harkness

Basically, anything with these two! Their relationship is so complex and interesting and offers many possibilities. I never get tired of reading stories that deal with the whole S3 fallout - The Doctor reacting to Jack's Factness, Jack reacting to the Doctor's abandonment of him, both of them reacting to the Year That Never Was, all that. But I'd also love anything further along the line, maybe something where Jack travels with the Doctor, anything where they spend time together for a shorter or longer time. Or something else. Slash is preferred, I ship these two something mad, but if that's not your cup of tea, there's plenty to do with friendship and companionship. Oh, and I have a thing for hurt/comfort with these two, should that be something you want to do. I can also enjoy pretty dark stuff with these two, as long as you keep an eye out for my dislikes.

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness

There's plenty I'd love with these two, too. I'm particularly curious about the early part: how did the Doctor start trusting Jack, how did Jack feel when he found out just who he was dealing with, how did their relationship develop. I have a bit of a fondness for them being technogeeks, for space stuff, historical time periods etc. so feel free to play with any of that. I'm also curious about how Jack got to be trusted with tinkering with the Tardis. I like dealing with the angst/darkness potential, too. And if anything I say about Ten/Jack or Nine/Jack/Rose feels like it can apply here, feel free to use it.

Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness/Rose Tyler

I adore these three together and could have watched an entire season between The Doctor Dances and Boom Town, just watching what this trio get up to. I'm happy either with something shippy - they are my one and only OT3 - or with showing them as friends and fellow adventurers. I'd be particularly curious about something early on, when Jack is just adjusting to being a part of the Tardis; how The Doctor and Rose learn to trust him, how he learns just who and what the Doctor is, how he starts to fit into the established dynamics of the Doctor and Rose. Alternatively, I'd also much enjoy any kind of adventure, preferably on another planet or in another time; or something kind of domestic, like breakfast or tea, or little culture clashes between 51st & 21st century humans and Time Lords, or introducing Jack to aspects of 20th/21st century pop culture. Some kind of hurt/comfort and dealing with the darkness in anyone's past would also be great. But anything else is fine, too!

Martha Jones/Rose Tyler

After so much of S3 seemed to be about Martha being jealous of Rose because for the Doctor she'd never be as good as Rose, I'm hungry for something where these two connect in a positive way. I like them both and I feel they'd have it in them to do something great together, rather than compete over a man. Give me friendship/companionship, or femslash, or saving the world together, anything. Let them connect, like each other and do something together. You may need to go AU a bit to give them more time in the same universe, or use an alternate Martha in Pete's World, or come up with something where they meet before the end of S2 - any of that is fine. Though with possible AU, please still stick to the general Doctor Who universe. Feel free to either include the Doctor or not, but I'd prefer the ladies to be at the center of the story.

That's all I can think of now. Like I said, if anything I said constricts you, apart from my specific dislikes, please forget about it and do whatever works for you! The important part is that you're having fun and enjoying the writing, and above all I love to read stories where the writer has been doing their own thing that feels right for them.
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