Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

Out of Time.

I just watched "Out of Time" ie. Torchwood S1 episode 10. And I just want to say: oh, Jack. I wanted to hug him and I kind of cried. And I also kind of want to write fic.

It so much broke my heart in Doctor Who S3, when Jack returned, how long he'd been abandoned without knowing what happened to him and why, and how hard it clearly was for him. He was a lot darker and more bitter than before, and for a good reason. Now, watching Torchwood S1, it's been obvious in a lot of episodes that it's been eating away on him, all of it, what happened and the long time that has passed and learning to live with everything without understanding why, and just the fact that nobody's meant to live with all that, and it has all sorts of effects on him. But this episode showed more clearly than any before just how damn lost he feels. Poor Jack. Want to hug him. Love that he still keeps going, with all that.

It was maybe the best episode so far, I thought, really well-written and powerful all around. And I liked that it was the first totally non-gory one. I like Torchwood despite the unevenness of the writing, but it is generally too gory for my tastes. I have all kinds of thoughts about the series that I want to write - many of which I did write but they need updating and finishing before I feel I can post them - but anyway, I love the characters and the premise, even if the execution varies. I'm not as obsessed with it as with Doctor Who, but it has a pull of its own.

Though one problem nearly all of these episodes have: there's too little Ianto. Hopefully that'll change eventually?
Tags: captain jack harkness, doctor who, fandoms, torchwood
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