Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

Holiday wishes

I hope you all are enjoying a lovely Christmas or any other midwinter festival you might celebrate! I've had a pleasant Christmas with family and good food, and though we don't have much of a white Christmas (alas) we have beautiful clear skies. I've got two new wonderful books, a blissful number of days off, nothing much to do, and it's almost Yuletide. Not that I edited until the last minute, myself. Never would do that, me. Well, maybe just a teensy bit.

The books are The Glass Town Game by Catherine M. Valente, which I've wanted ever since she told the audience at Finncon 2016 that she was writing a book about the Brontë siblings in which their shared fantasy world becomes a real place where they travel; and Messages from Islands by Ilkka Hanski, a nature book which I've heard much about.

I also saw a lovely Nutcracker performance just before Christmas. Our National Ballet's version is so beautiful, and they've set it into early 19th century Finland which warms my history-geeky heart. The wonderful Hanako Matsune was Clara, and oh, she's my princess. I don't have a video from it, but here, have a gratuituous Royal Ballet Nutcracker video instead.

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