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Dear Public Call Writer

Dear Public Call writer,

Here I’ve got a letter with the relationship and character specific prompts and details, because I didn’t want to make the details box in the sign-up super-long, and also because I wasn’t quite finished with this part by the sign-up deadline. Note on Sunday 22nd October: I've added at least something to the unfinished parts now, so consider this finished. I don't want to keep you having to check back in here!

How much I go on about each relationship doesn’t determine how much I want it; I’ll be really happy with any of these. And the prompts and such are just meant to help you get started or get ideas, you can ignore me and write something else!

Bill Potts relationships: I love Bill! Anything and everything about Bill! For Bill and Heather, I would love to get a little more of their relationship, either when they’re still fully human, or after the ending of The Doctor Falls. Canon divergence AUs where Heather doesn’t become space oil and their relationship progresses differently are also welcome. I loved that we got a companion with a lesbian relationship, but I wish we’d have seen more of them together.

Also, I’ll happily ship Bill with other female characters. Though gen stories are also welcome, I love her interacting with other characters and especially other women in any way. I love all these great characters (even if we don’t know much about Thirteen yet) and would love any interaction. Still, at least some UST with Bill and Thirteen would be delightful, especially contrasting with how pointedly she has told Twelve she isn’t interested in him, because she only goes for women… As for Martha, I’d just love these two to meet because I adore their characters and wish we’d had more time with both of them.

For Twelve and Bill, I strongly prefer gen, for reasons of canon (you know, Bill being interested in women). Untold adventures, moments of connection, deep or funny discussions, the Doctor teaching Bill about something fascinating… Feel free to include Nardole.

I’m an avid Doctor/Jack shipper in any incarnation of the Doctor, but feel free to also write a non-shippy story; I am in any case fascinated with the complexities of their relationship and, in cases of any post-Nine Doctor, how Jack’s immortality and Doctor’s abandonment of him affects it. I like Torchwood and Jack/Ianto as well, so I’d prefer that the fic doesn’t belittle Ianto’s meaning for Jack or have them break up (though I’m fine with non-Torchwood AUs where for whatever reason, timeline went differently for Jack and he never ended up there, as well as post-Torchwood stories where that time is so far past for Jack it’s not on the forefront of his mind). I would have requested more Torchwood relationships if I’d had room after I wanted all the f/f and all the Doctor/Jack, so feel free to include the Torchwood characters. I'm literally happy with any New Who Doctor and Jack; I love his chemistry and relationship and issues both with Nine and with Ten on screen, and I love to read about how his relationship might develop with any of the later Doctors, taking into account how they differ from the previous incarnations, time that has passed. I do prefer not making too light of the issues and problems Jack and Ten have, but also not demonizing Ten. Timey-wimeyness and meeting out of sequence are fun, though not necessary.

I love how much in love with the TARDIS the Doctor is, and would love to see that explored any way. And when watching Doctor’s Wife, literally one of my first thoughts was ”now I want Jack/Doctor/TARDIS”. All the hotness and the complications! The Doctor's complex relationship with Jack combined with the TARDIS's complex relationship with him - she did run away from him to the end of the universe, but he was the one to destroy the paradox machine and revert her back to what she should be. And when still mortal, Jack could be trusted to tinker with the TARDIS's mechanics, which I always get a kick out and enjoy. I'm fine with using TARDIS's Idris form, something more abstract, or something different. Feel free to make it sexy or not, I can handle either way. I don't know if I managed to say any of the things I wanted to. Just do what you want to do if you pick this one.

Martha/Rose: I love both of them, especially Martha but also Rose, and it bugs me how the canon sets them up as rivals, though they could probably have a great time together and appreciate each other. Aaaaand I find both of them distractingly hot and the thought of them together also distractingly hot, so femslash is welcome, but any Martha + Rose connection is great. Maybe an AU where Rose doesn't go back to Pete's World after Journey's End, or some storyline where she returns later and meets up with Martha, or an untold moment when they’re all in the TARDIS in the Journey’s End. Or even an alternate Martha that Rose meets in Pete's World. Awesome adventuring lady-duo, cuteness and fun, domestics, saving the Doctor or the world together, date night (which could be interesting as they'd probably have very different ideas about a date), comfort, hot sex, whatever inspires your muse!

Mary/Toshiko: I loved Greeks Bearing Gifts, despite some flaws, and while Mary was evil, I loved the effect she had on Tosh for a while, she seemed to come more appreciative of her own self, and questioning other people's judgements. So I'd love something that shows the positive of their relationship: maybe some good moment they had together, Mary's point of view to something which shows her as caring about Tosh, or an AU where Mary isn't evil, or changes and is redeemed.

Martha/Jack: I love both Jack and Martha very much, and there’s something I really enjoy about their chemistry together and made me wish we could have seen more of it. I also am fascinated by their parallels — both have feelings for the Tenth Doctor but are not appreciated enough by him, both have really hellish experiences during the Year That Never Was, and both turn out strong enough to walk away from the Doctor on their own, to their own lives. I would love to see either them connecting in the aftermath of the Valiant, or something later, either during Torchwood S2 or at some later point in their lives. Suggestions: maybe an adventure together, or just having fun, or getting through their hurtful experiences and memories together.

They're both among my favourite Companions, they've been hurt a lot yet they've also become strong from it, they make me think and hurt and feel lots, and they're also both devastatingly hot. I've wanted to pair up these two especially since I saw the Martha episodes on Torchwood - while the kiss was decidedly unlike Jack's other snogs (perhaps out of surprise?), I feel this fascinating chemistry between them, not to mention all the connection they share because of the Doctor and the Year That Never Was.

Thirteen/Missy... While the relationship between the Doctor and the Master is fascinating, I didn’t feel properly invested in it before I encountered Missy. She is one of my favourite characters in the show, hands down. Now that the Doctor is also in a female body, and will probably have changed again by this regeneration, and by the events unfolding just before the regeneration, I would love to see something of their relationship. I do ship them but would love gen as well. They might meet out of sequence, with Missy not yet aware of the events of S10 (or at least the end of it), or perhaps you'll write something where Missy hasn't died or the Doctor finds a way to save her. In the latter case, what will Missy be like after the events of The Doctor Falls? Not quite evil anymore, but I doubt transitioning to good will go quite smoothly for her, either. How will the Doctor's relationship to her have changed by the latest events? Mind you, I don't mean it has to be a deeply explorative character study; I'll also be happy with some crazy fun adventures, silly arguments, less silly arguments and confrontations, hilariously unlikely dates for two Time Ladies, sexy moments etc.

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