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Write Every Day: August Day #3

Today hasn't been as domestic-superheroic as yesterday, because I was pretty tired after all of yesterday's activity. But I cleaned some windows! And the bedroom is... slightly less messy.

I rewarded myself by watching my next Doctor Who episode, The Asylum of the Daleks. I need to get my thoughts into order before writing something coherent about it (I seem to say that about every Eleventh Doctor episode I say something about), but right now I'll just note I can't get the Carmen chorus out of my head. But earlier, the music in my head was 'Rasputin' for some inexplicable reason, so I'm not really going to complain.


Today was, on the other hand, a surprisingly good writing day! I was supposed to edit my Torchwood fic, so naturally I spent all morning writing other things: first I began a completely new Doctor Who fic (as if I don't have enough in progress), writing a few hundred words there, and then I wrote about a 1000 words on another that I started the last time I had a really good writing day. I thought this fic wasn't going to be so long, but I seem to be wrong. 3,000 words so far, and I'm not nearly done. But I'm really enjoying it.

In the evening I've finally been working through the beta comments on the Torchwood fic and putting it into shape. First I almost couldn't because I hated every word I'd written, you know how it is sometimes. But eventually I've started being able to do things with it, and I also don't hate it anymore. Yay! I don't think I'll finish it tonight, but maybe tomorrow? We can hope!

How was it for you all? And welcome to [personal profile] muccamukk who has joined the challenge since yesterday! Glad to have you on board!


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