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Write Every Day: August Day #2

I've totally been a domestic superhero today. Prompted by the scary event known as Mum Comes To Visit, as well as finally having energy for the first time in weeks to do anything beyond the necessities, I've been cleaning all over the place, putting things to order and vacuuming and throwing things away and scrubbing the floor and beating the crap out of my carpets (I believe the polite term is 'dusting' but my carpets don't respond to polite terms). Since I did all that and a dance class, I've been Very Tired Indeed. But it's nice to have my home neater and cleaner now! Even if the bedroom is still a no-go zone for Mum. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.


With all that, I didn't end up having much time or energy for writing. I looked at the beta comments for my Torchwood fic, but I didn't manage to actually do anything about them beyond deleting a paragraph break, and I'm not going to qualify that as writing. My mind was drawing a blank when it came to any more challenging editing than that. Tomorrow had better be the day when I finish and post the darn thing. It was supposed to be done days ago, but thankfully the fest deadline was extended.

But I wrote three sentences on another Torchwood fic, so there was writing, in the end.

ETA: I couldn't sleep - too much activity after several quiet days, I guess - so when I had an idea for a scenelet/description for one of my original projects, I got up and wrote down about 100 words of it. I'm going to see if some bedtime yoga will help calm down...


Day 1: LJ / DW : [personal profile] auroracloud, cornerofmadness, [personal profile] esteliel, miss_morland[personal profile] navaan, [personal profile] sylvanwitch, tinx_r, trobadora

Let me know if I missed anyone, or if you wrote but didn't check in yet! You can join in any time!

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