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Write Every Day - August Day One

Welcome to Write Every Day! This month we're doing it in my journal again. I hosted in December, and now we're back at my place, this time both on LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, so you can pick whichever site you prefer!

What's this about?

What it says on the title, basically. It's a challenge to write something every day, no matter how little or how much. It can even be just a sentence, or half of one. (We call it 'alibi sentence' when we write a sentence just to have written that way, and they're really helpful even if it doesn't seem like much at the moment.)

Each month, someone hosts by making a post every day where others can check in and say if they wrote, say what they wrote and how much if they want (not necessary), and discuss writing and such if they like. The host will cheerlead on and keep a tally of who checked in to write. It's possible to join the challenge at any point, and leave it at any point. There are no requirements, no sanctions, no competition - the purpose is to help each other at writing by helping make it a regular thing and to connect with others with a similar goal.

I've joined this challenge almost exactly a year ago, and I've been happy to never miss a day (though no matter if you miss a day, a week, a month or however long - you can come back any time you feel like!). It's helped me a lot with my writing to keep it a regular thing - even if on some days all I write is a sentence or a few, or a tiny bit of editing, it's still writing, and the habit keeps the stories fresher in my mind, and makes it easier to write on the days when writing is coming more easily. Also, very often I've set out to write just a sentence or two, and ended up with a few paragraphs or even more. Many times it's just about getting started, and the idea that you just need to write, no matter how little, can be helpful. It's also really nice to have a little community of writers and to share some of the both difficulties and joys of writing.

It's entirely up to you which kind of writing you count for this. For myself, I count any fiction writing (including planning and definitely including editing) as well as anything approaching nature and travel writing, because those are what I want to work on. Some write fanfic, some write original fic, some both. Some count non-fiction, writing for work or study, journalling, comments, beta-reading, reviews or whatever else they prefer. Anything you decide to count as writing you want to encourage yourself to do, you'll count, and just tell me you wrote!

If you've never participated but are curious and want to see how it works, [personal profile] esteliel hosted it in July and [personal profile] navaan in June, so you can head to their journals, to see examples of how it happens.

I'll be making the same check-in post in LiveJournal and Dreamwidth, so you can comment at either place, whichever you prefer. Oh, and I'm still kind of new to using DW regularly and to crossposting, so if I mess up my tags and don't notice, feel free to point it out to me so I can learn and fix it!

I think that's it? If I've forgotten anything important, just ask!

And welcome to people who I haven't known previously but who've started following me because of this fest!


Just thought I'd ask to kick off this month: Anyone have any particular writing goals this month? My main goals are to finish some fest fics - I've got a Torchwood Fest just needing to do the final edits, and a Rare Pair Fest fic first draft pretty far along. But I'd also love to finally pick which one of my original ideas I'm going to start to work more earnestly on, and maybe even do that. I've been shifting between a few (lately mostly two), writing random scenes and character studies as they occur to me, but I worry that if I don't pick one and stick to writing it for a while, I'll be endlessly hopping onto new ideas rather than finishing one. And I'd really like to have an original novel draft to work on, it's been a while.

Alternatively or in addition, I would love to finish even one fic that isn't for a fest/challenge. Or one that was supposed to be but didn't get finished for the deadline. Let's see what happens...

Today's Writing

Today, my brain's been pretty low on energy, but I still managed to write. I returned from a mini-holiday in the countryside, and before leaving from there, I wrote some notes/descriptions on the place where I was staying. It counts both as travel writing and as possible notes for one of my original projects. And now in the evening I worked some more on my [community profile] rarepairfest fic, getting about 350 words.

How about you all?

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