Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

So I decided to give in and finally get Netflix. Thought that seemed more pleasant than having a life. First I'm going to finish watching Doctor Who S6 (I had to return the DVD to the library once I got to mid-S6, and I was getting sick of seeing the bad Finnish DVD subtitles, anyway - I'm used to watching only with English subtitles, where you don't run into awkward translations for "sonic screwdriver" and so forth) and then watch Sense8 which has been recommended to me by so many people and frankly, has Freema Agyeman so I want it. And then probably one of the about 10 series and films I've bookmarked already.

Just watched "Let's Kill Hitler". You know, most of S6 is so full of stuff that I'll soon need a rewatch of everything to process it. Might really rewatch 5 and 6 both. But I think I'm rather becoming rather fangirly of Matt Smith's acting. And Amy and Rory are so lovely.

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