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Things that matter. (Following the end of Doctor Who, S2)

So I just watched The Army of Ghosts / Doomsday (that being the two-part finale of Doctor Who Series 2, in case you don't know). And I want to get a train of thought down. Not a real comment-on-episode thing, but something that rose up in me from watching it. Though not created only and specifically by those episodes, but overall by the show itself. Doctor Who isn't always good, but when it's good, it's powerful. And one of the reasons I love it is that it can get me in touch with something fundamental, and at times when I need it.

Finishing watching the episode, choking with tears again as I did the first time, I thought: this show is one of those stories that reminds me of what really matters.

People spend so much time on stupid, harmful, useless things. You all know what they are, let's not stop to list them. There are a few kind of things that really matter. This show helps me keep them in my mind and heart, helps me hold onto them no matter what.

One of them is seeing what's out there, experiencing the world. We can't all do it in a Tardis, but it's okay. We can learn about the world, we can study it through science or learn what others have studied, we can travel to places, we can just keep our eyes and ears open where we are right now, try to see what's really there, try to understand it too, and keep both our minds and our hearts open to it.

Another thing that really matters is stories. That's not something that's usually in Doctor Who itself, because obviously, it's not about stories, it is a story. But I've been thinking a lot lately about how much stories matter. Not just as ends to something, you know, to teach values or make you feel a certain way. Though it is important that through stories, you can relate to other people, you can find comfort, you can find all sorts of things. They can be life-saving. But also, there's something very deeply human about stories, we need them, we wouldn't be what we are without them. Powerful stories can make you connect with something very fundamental. I can't explain it well, but somehow stories are valuable and important in themselves. And they're certainly among the most important things in my life.

And there's love. I don't just mean romantic love, I mean all kinds of love. Family, friendship, all kinds of companionship. It's significant that right there in the end, Rose has her family to go back to. She still has love. And, though I understand they didn't plan it at this point, in the end the Doctor first meets the woman who'll later be his best friend. In my head at least, Donna matters to the Doctor every bit as much as Rose does. And overall in the show, whether there are romantic feelings between the Doctor and his Companion(s) or not, there is love and connection, friendship and travelling together and defending the world together, and that matters.

The show is rather big on the importance of doing the right thing and defending things that matter, for example. And that is important. But because the real world is a more complex place where the decisions aren't always about something as clear as defending the planet from the Cybermen and the Daleks, and it's late and I'm tired, I'm not getting deeper into that right now. Just saying it's important that there are stories that make us think about that, especially with the world often trying to derail us.

So yeah, if anyone's wondering why I love Doctor Who, it's not the aliens and spaceships and things. There's more at the core of it, something that really matters. Not in every episode, but in enough of it. It makes a difference in my life and in my thoughts, and I love it.
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