Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

Beta-reading, anyone?

Since last year, I've returned to writing fanfic - I haven't finished anything since January, true, but I have been writing a lot, and hope to finish something, too. I've been meaning to ask for a while: any of my friends available to occasionally beta-read my fic for me? This is a kind of an ongoing request, even if I do have a couple of things coming up fairly soon (see below).

I'd rather ask around for a few potential people than expect the same person to always do it. I could especially use a native English speaker who's good at checking all the language stuff, because I'm not a native speaker, am a bit out of touch with writing English regularly, and I need someone to make sure that my grammar, punctuation, vocabulary etc. are fine and English. But I could equally use a canon check, beta for story flow, writing, etc. Anyone want to volunteer to sometimes beta me for any of these things? Doesn't have to be the same person for everything.

Fandoms: At the moment I mostly write Doctor Who and Torchwood. Pairing-wise, I've mostly written Doctor/Jack and Jack/Ianto (though I generally like shipping Jack, and have already written one Jack/Martha for the last Fandom Stocking). I also have hopes of eventually writing Torchwood team fics, more Martha, Bill etc. Currently I have fests coming up I'm writing fic for: wintercompanion for Doctor/Jack (deadline June 25), and Torchwood Fest where the posting is in July. Am especially looking for anyone to beta my stories for these (I will check out the community beta posts, too, but they're not that active). But I've got a whole slew of unfinished fanfics in both fandoms, so if anyone wants to beta but can't do it in June or July, I'm sure I can find something for you later. Oh, and let me know if you have limitations, with regards to characters, pairings, ratings, content, etc. Wouldn't want to ask anyone to beta anything they're not comfortable reading.

Smaller fandoms I may write for include Becky Chambers's Wayfarers, Gail Carriger's various series in her Parasol Protectorate universe, and goodness knows what else I'll find myself obsessed with.

And so that I'm not only taking but also giving: I am tentatively willing to offer my beta services for general writing/story things in fandoms I know and characters I feel comfortable with, or just generally being someone to bounce ideas off, though I can't promise I'll always be up for it because of real life. I'm not particularly useful for language beta (except that I'm good at catching spelling mistakes) or in most cases canon check, being relatively new to my most active fandoms.
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