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Article recommendation

I just want to share this because I think it's important and more people could benefit from reading it.

Depression-Busting Exercise Tips for People Too Depressed to Exercise.

It talks about the difficulty of exercising when you're depressed, even though you very well know exercise is supposed to help with depression (and it does, I can say with experience, as does the writer of the article). The problem is that a lot of articles are written by people who don't realize how difficult the depression itself can make it to exercise, and the perfection-obsessed exercise cult of the current age isn't helping. But this article has a lot of tips helping at actually getting yourself to do it.

I quote: "The perfect exercise is anything that you will actually consider doing. The perfect body is a breathing one."

We don't get enough people saying that.

Do read the article if you think you could benefit from any advice on this, it's got practical advice by someone who knows what they're talking about. I've benefited a lot during the past half a year by finding a form of exercise that actually works for me so I want to do it instead of thinking I should, and adopting an "every little bit helps" approach rather than expecting myself to complete some big goals I feel I should have.
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