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So I stole a Time Lord and I ran away.

I am post about Doctor Who things in absolutely no order whatsoever, but I just wanted to say: in addition to following the new S10, I also continue to watch Eleventh Doctor's adventures, now going on S6, and I just watched The Doctor's Wife. Holy damn that was amazing. Played with my head nicely and was both fun and touching. I guess that's something you can expect when you combine Gaiman with Doctor Who! And I think I ship the Doctor/TARDIS quite hard.

(Which, me being me, means that about a minute later I started thinking about the possibilities of Doctor/TARDIS/Jack. Maybe I should write it.)

But I'd basically like to watch it all over again right now. Except that I'm tired. How do people manage to party on Friday nights? All I ever want to do then is go home, watch some Doctor Who and go to bed at ten so that I can sleeeeeeeeeep all I want.

Mmm, I need to comment on S10 some time soon, too. Still loving it.
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