Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud


I went to see Ghostbusters tonight, finally. And daaamn, it was so much fun! I loved finally getting an adventure/action film that has women being awesome for real. Instead of running after men, dressing sexily and impractically, needing to be perfectly pretty and being defined somehow by their relationship to men, they got to just be awesome by themselves, have personalities, hunt ghosts, make gadges, do wacky science, defy authorities, save the world, save their friends, have friendship and saving-the-world-from-ghosts and adventure and science and fun matter more than anything else. It made me feel sort of... powered up in a way that few things do.

And ooh, Holtzmann. I've got a crush. I might have to see the film again especially for her.

Chris Hemsworth excelled at being pretty. I was so happy to for once get a guy in the role which is all about that.

If there were more action/adventure films like this, I might actually go to see action/adventure films sometimes!
Tags: ghostbusters
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