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Doctor Who SQUEEEE

I just watched Doctor Who S10 ep 1, and I loved it! I love love love Bill, she's amazing and bright and real and smart and curious and not afraid to ask questions! And I love Twelve, and does he have such a gorgeous office in previous seasons as well or is it just now? The story was lovely and I so look forward to seeing what Bill and the Doctor are going to be like together, especially since for once the sexual/romantic attraction aspect should be ruled out, so it'll be all the other awesome stuff instead about a curious human being introduced to all of Time and Space by an adventurous Time Lord. I'll do a more proper post later on, I hope, but I just wanted to get the first squee out right away. And I don't care how timey-wimey it's going to be to watch this while I'm also watching S5, timey-wimey is fine.

I'm so going to need Bill icons!
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