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Yuletide reveals time! (and yet another gift for me!)

Yuletide authors have been revealed and the New Year's Resolution collection has opened! First off, before I link to my story, I want to enthuse that with the opening of NYR, I got yet another beautiful ficlet for Skuggserien, the book series of my heart I just enthused about in detail while squeeing about my Madness gift. This one is after book 3, and I'd always wanted to know more about Rosilda, Arild and Lydia after the events that pass there, and this one beautifully explores the communication between them all, especially the siblings.

Here it is:

- pronounced -
Author: mayachain
Fandom: Skuggserien | The Shadow Series - Maria Gripe
Category: Gen
Words: 303
Characters: Rosilda Falck af Stenstierna, Arild Falck af Stenstierna, Lydia Stenstierna
Additional Tags: Triple Drabble, Post-Canon, Family Issues, Recovery

Also, I noticed that the author has posted a story this autumn (after the last time I checked the fandom tag) that deals with exactly the thing I always wish the books had dealt with because damn it that needed more exploration so um, reading's going to be in order.

Anyway... Now that Yuletide authors are revealed, here is the story I wrote. It's on the Wayfarers series / The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, and for paperclipbitch.

Complications of Interspecies Relations
Fandom: Wayfarers Series - Becky Chambers
Words: 6655
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M, Gen
Relationships: Ashby Santoso/Pei (Wayfarers Series)Ashby Santoso & Sissix (Wayfarers Series)
Characters: Ashby Santoso, Pei (Wayfarers Series), Sissix (Wayfarers Series), Kizzy (Wayfarers Series), Dr. Chef (Wayfarers Series)
Additional Tags: Cultural Differences, Interspecies Relationship(s), Friendship, Interspecies Romance, Pre-Canon, minor appearance by Jenks

Summary: It's complicated enough for a Human to find himself having an affair with an Aeluon. It's even more complicated when he isn't sure how to tell his crew about it, in particular his best friend.

The story takes place a couple of years before canon, and is focused on Ashby's early feelings about the relationship with Pei on the one hand, and how it might have been sorted out in his friendship with Sissix and his relationship with some of the crew.

I'm awfully thankful for _profiterole_ for beta-reading this in the busy pre-Christmas days as the only person I knew who knew the canon, and for reassuring me as well as giving some helpful comments to make it better! Also, from the Yuletide beta spreadsheet I helpfully got Bookwyrm as a native speaker to beta my English into shape despite not being familiar with the canon. For a fic this long, when I haven't done much creative writing in English for years, I had all sorts of weird things there and it's good to know most of them have been caught out. If any language mistakes remain, it's my fault - I did fix some story-related things after the beta and may have created new mistakes.

Despite having *ahem* some problems getting the story to behave in the editing process, I really enjoyed the request and this was a great assignment to work on. The recipient being so enthused about the whole book and the whole cast of characters, just like I was, and getting write all these lovely characters, and to make the Ashby & Sissix friendship central to the story, and getting the only request in the fandom that asked for Kizzy as a character because I freaking adore her more than is healthy and she's super-fun to write, and knowing that including Dr. Chef would be very welcome even if he wasn't on the requested characters list, and all. Also, I was originally nervous about writing Pei because she hadn't become as close to me on the first reading as the other characters (she's not in many scenes, maybe that's why) and I wasn't sure how I'd do - but writing her, I feel I got to know her much better and discovered she was really enjoyable to write, and now am more into her in the book as well!

My only regret was that since I went for pre-canon, I couldn't possibly write the canon f/f pairing into this particular story, but can't have everything... I'm sure I'll be able to have a go at it in another fic (I've already started one). And I would have loved to write even more Kizzy into this story, but maybe I'll come up with another fic with her in it. Now that I'm past the "OMG endless editing bears bears" phase, I'm quite thrilled with the idea of writing more for this fandom, so it may happen. I also still need to read the other stories in the fandom. I didn't want to look at them right after the reveals in my post-editing insecurity about my own story (because I'd be all "Oh no they did X like that, I did it differently, I suck!"), and then the nasty post-Christmas cold put a stop to my focused fic-reading. But I'll get to them today or soon after, I think.

I've been happy with the reception, too - the fandom is tiny (only a few fics on the archive even after Yuletide) so I couldn't expect a huge number of hits, but I've still had some nice comments and bunch of kudos as well - and especially I'm happy that the recipient enjoyed it!
Tags: becky chambers, fanfic, maria gripe, skuggserien, wayfarers series, yuletide
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