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Time for tea, books and writing.

Finding it hard to post anything of content. Work started again and it exhausts my brain and leaves too little time. I took a week to have time to even watch The Girl in the Fireplace. Though damn, a good Doctor Who episode does have the power of making everything feel better!

Anyway, I started participating in Write Every Day, held at fan_girlishness's journal this month. The point is to, well, try to write something every day and check in daily about it. I've just started a new original project and I thought this is just the thing that could help me keep going, even with work and all. Turns out I was right. Within about a week I've written 7000 words - the majority of it this weekend, so apparently getting those few hundred words written each night during the week really helped keep the channels open and get me into the story. I hope I don't depress anyone who struggles with getting anything written. For the record, I tend to write fast when I do first draft, at least if I have any idea of what I'm doing. I can spend a very long time in the editing phase afterwards. I'm curious to see how it'll continue with this story, because there'll be parts where I so far have no idea what I'm doing. I hope it'll clear up as I go on. Next week will be quite busy and it will be a lot harder to keep writing, but I'm going to try to get a little bit each day, even if it's just one sentence or so.

I'm starting to really get into reading again, and one of the books I'm reading now is Gail Carriger's latest, Imprudence. If you don't know it, it's alternate history / steampunk / fantasy / historical romance / adventure kind of thing and lots of fun. It's the second part of her Custard Protocol series (the first part being Prudence) and that is a follow-up to her Parasol Protectorate series which is just as much fun. I'm very enamored of those books, fannish even. I'm probably going to post a squeeful post when I'm done reading. I heartily recommend it. It's the sort of book that's deceptively light and fun, easy to read and a bundle of entertainment, but has a brain and a subversive element entangled in there, too. Including strong, awesome, smart and capable female characters of many kinds, and romances also between characters of the same sex, and here and there some discussion of society, norms and breaking the said norms. I adore the characters and the alternate history of Victorian society she's built there. And there's an airship. Called The Spotted Custard and with a somewhat eccentric young lady for a captain.

Anyway, reading such things and thinking about Doctor Who keeps making me want to drink lots of tea and eat things that sound very British. Yesterday was a grey, windy, drizzly sort of day, perfect for staying in, writing like crazy and drinking tea. And then I'd have more tea and toast with jam, and feel like I'm on one of the endless tea times on board the Spotted Custard, only with my characters for company. I wonder if I can get them to call me Lady Captain? That would be neat.

I do think it's time for bed. Proper fandom posts, which I want to write, require more presence of mind than I have left today.
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