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Christmas Day

I hope everyone's been having a nice Christmas (if you all celebrate it). Today has been a very peaceful day for me. Finns do most of the celebrations on the Christmas Eve, so especially when (like our family) you're totally not religious, there isn't much left for the Christmas Day itself. I've mostly been reading and stuffing myself with more Christmas food. Rice porridge in the morning, and now another big dinner. I don't know when I'll next need any food, but it can't be soon.

I finished rereading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - that's so fantastic! And one of the presents I got was a nonfiction book on some haunted houses in Finland and their histories, so I've been reading that a bit. I'll probably continue some of the other novels I took with me.

The earlier cold-that-wasn't-really-a-cold isn't quite over. The past couple of days I've been bothered by a persistent cough that feels rather unpleasant. I hope it won't last too long.

Feeling very tired and lazy now. Maybe I'll fall onto bed and read a bit more.
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