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Happy Yuletide!

It's Yuletide! The archive is open! And this is what I got as my gift in the exchange:

Fandom: The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage
Title: Beatrice, or, The Mechanical Yule Goat
Summary (as posted on AO3): Charles Babbage constructs a Terrifying Literary Engine, driven by Steam and Diverse Mechanical Linkages, in order to complete his Yuletide assignment. Said automaton proceeds both to irritate the Countess of Lovelace and to destroy much of London.
Hijinks ensue.

The story is here.

There are footnotes! Wonderfully random mathematical, scientific, and literary references! Capering Caprine Yule-Horror!

Let me quote the first two lines:

”BABBAGE!”, screamed Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, down a speaking tube. “WHAT IS THIS ABOMINATION?”

“Which abomination in particular do you mean?” came Babbage’s voice, rendered a bit tinny by its return passage through the same tube.

Delightfully zany, rich in the sort of alternate-historical hilariousness that is so enjoyable in the canon, and Lovelace and Babbage being their wonderful selves. I'm sure many Yuletide authors can relate to Babbage's desire to construct the engine that he did. (I'm wondering if there's any way... Never mind.) And if you want to read it, the canon is delightfully easy to get into: it's a webcomic (available here, and also as a book) on AU versions of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, in a timeline where they did construct the Analytical Engine and proceed to have all sorts of steampunk-y adventures in an alternate 1840s London. Much recommended by me.

I haven't yet much read else at the archive, but there are fics in many of my little fandoms, such as Gail Carriger's verse, Wayfarers, and various 19th century literature things. Will be excited to discover them.

According to my dashboard, I also have a gift in the Yuletide Madness collection, but that only opens tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
Tags: lovelace and babbage, yuletide
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