Aurora Cloud (auroracloud) wrote,
Aurora Cloud

Maybe later there'll be a Jack post.

And you know, before I watched Christmas Invasion and became all "OMG squee Ten!" I meant to do some kind of a big huge post about Jack, partly in light of rewatching his S1 episodes. I tell you, certain bits feel all the more devastating when you know... well, some things from the later seasons. But... I guess that'll have to wait from the right mood. Which is fine. It's not like I'm about to stop loving Jack and wanting to talk about him. The right mood should come soon. For over a year now I've only had one person to whom really talk about this stuff in a fannish way, and I think she's not quite as deep into Jack as I am, so she might appreciate me unloading it somewhere else as well.

I might have my head a bit full of early Ten stuff for the coming weeks, but well, it'll be all the more interesting to watch again in the light of what I know about things now.
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