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'Cause I followed my star, that's what you are

I haven't got anything very detailed or deep or articulate to say. I just want to post to say that I just watched The Christmas Invasion. Watching Doctor Who again, first re-watch since I started watching the show, and I finished S1 a couple of days ago and meant to post something about that, too. But now, now, now! I've got Ten back! Ten! I just love him so much! So much! Love!

(I did warn you it wasn't going to be articulate.)

And oh, it's good to be back to this early stuff again. Not to say I don't love the later stuff, because I do and it draws me in even deeper, but after it all, it's lovely to see early Ten again, before... lots of things. I fell in love with him from the first episode on, and now I'm feeling that again. And it makes me even more excited to know how much more I'm going to love him.

Don't even know how a fictional character can make me so happy, but he does.

I need more Ten icons. And something where Ten is with Rose. But I'm not going to search for them tonight.
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