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Write Every Day: Day #3

Hello and welcome to day #3 of Write Every Day! (And again, if you missed what that is, I explained in Day #1 post.)

I woke up too early today and have been rather tired, so after making my late lunch, I went to bed, fell asleep and slept for an hour or so. Now I'm all groggy and trying to figure out how to wake up properly again...

Today's writing

In the early afternoon I wrote about 350 words on Yuletide fic, which still refuses to be done. Most of the new words were just banter - maybe I could skip handing in a story and just post lots of banter? But at least I managed to make the beginning and the end of a scene meet, though it's going to require editing later. While cooking I possibly came up with an idea for the ending, so I might try that out a bit later. Probably after I've had a little walk outdoors to clear my head from the sleep...

ETA: Oops, sudden late-night fic-writing inspiration, over 1,400 words. Not the fic that I was meant to be writing, of course.

How is everyone else doing?


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Let me know if I missed anyone! You can join in or drop out any time.
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