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Aurora Cloud

Write Every Day: Day #2

Here is the second day of Write Every Day in December. If you don't know what this is about, check yesterday's post. Nice to see both old and new participants joining this month in my journal!

*distributes virtual tea and biscuits to everyone* I hope everyone has as good a day of writing as possible!

Pretty frosty day outside - no snow, but a faint layer of frost covering the trees, the dead leaves on the ground, etc. I woke up unusually energetic today. I seem to have the concentration of a small rodent, so it's hard to stay still and write much though I have time, but at least I used my distractedness to clean up around here, which is useful. The dust was starting to make me cough a bit...

Today's writing

I managed a little over 600 words on my Yuletide story, yay. Much of what I wrote today feels kind of meandering, but I think I managed to introduce a bit more conflict, which the story was lacking. I might get there yet! I'm about to go visit a friend soon, so I don't know if I have time to continue later, but at least I got this much done.

How was today's writing for everyone else?


Day #1: avon, auroracloud, cornerofmadness, esteliel, miss_morland, trobadora, ysilme

Let me know if I missed anyone! Remember, you can join in or drop out any time.
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