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Write Every Day: Welcome and Day #1

This month, we're doing Write Every Day over here at my journal. Welcome all who want to join for this month, old and possible new participants alike!

What it's about

Some people have been doing this challenge for nearly two years; I joined in August when I started using LJ, and have found it very helpful for my writing, and am happy to host it this month. The basic idea is, well, what it says: the goal is to write something every day. I make a post for each day, and keep a tally of everyone who's written each day. No minimum word count, no quality requirements, no competition. Even if all you write is one sentence, you've written. Fanfic, original fiction, nonfiction, all is good. In comments we can talk about what we've been writing, how it's going, chat/vent/cheer/whatever.

I've found this super-helpful, because even on a day when I seem to have no time or energy or ideas, it gets me to write at least that one sentence, and usually it turns to more than that. Even when it's just that one sentence, it keeps the writing for me and makes it easier to write more on other days. I used to do the same thing on my own a few years back, and it was the best writing time I'd had, but it works even better when you're doing it together with others.

There are regulars who've been doing this for quite some time, most longer than I have, but anyone who wants to try it can join any time. Just let me know and start commenting! You can drop out any time, too. If you don't manage to check in every day, I can add you to the tally afterwards. For more of an idea of how it has worked in the past, you can see this overview post that navaan has made of each month's first and last posts.

Since this is my first time hosting: if you people notice I'm doing something differently than I should, just let me know. The basic idea is quite simple, but just saying this in the case I miss something!

So, let's get started!

Today's writing:

So far, I did a little bit of planning for the novel idea I'm working on, and a couple of sentences of my Yuletide fic. I hope to do some more fic later, I really want to get the first draft into a shape soon. EDIT: I added a few more sentences; altogether a little over 100 words today. I really need to get more productive writing-wise over the next days. I don't know what happened to today. But still, progress.

What about the rest of you?
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