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The angels have the phone box. (And other S3 notes.)

I've been going through my re-watch Doctor Who S3 quite quickly, and ooh, I just watched Blink again. That episode is so. damn. brilliant. And just suitably creepy and exciting. Ah, I can't get over how brilliant it is.

And in the end of the episode, the trailer for Utopia! I actually squeed at seeing those brief moments of Jack returning, despite the fact that I already knew he would and I've already seen the episode and the last time I did wasn't so long ago, and I've quite recently watched all of Torchwood S1 so, um, a lot of Jack there, but all that still didn't stop me from squeeing. Ooh, I think I'm going to enjoy watching the final episodes. Had a bit of a hard time not going on right away, but Blink and Utopia are so different, I think I'm getting the most out of them by watching them on different days.

I've had a lot of fun watching S3. There are a few not-so-good episodes in the early-to-mid part of the series, but from Human Nature onwards it's such brilliance (and I generally enjoyed 42, too, as long as I put the science and logic departments of my brain to sleep). The over-emphasis on Martha's crush on the Doctor doesn't bother me as much this time around, probably because I knew to expect it so it's easier to not pay so much attention to it. I love Martha even more this time around, and besides, Freema is so gorgeous and I love her voice and guh. It's also interesting picking up the Saxon references and other things foreshadowing things in the final episodes, now that I know what's coming. And S3 is the beginning of the Tenth Doctor that I really, really adore. It's maybe odd because he's less likeable here than in S2 - first there's the way he often makes Martha feel second-best and takes half a season to even allow her to stick around (rather than just "one trip more"), and then there'll be the stuff with Jack. But I guess that's exactly what makes it more interesting. Characters with issues are fascinating. Guess that's why I became such an intense Doctor/Jack shipper after this season, too. With that relationship, definitely not running out of issues any time soon.

Anyway, I think Tennant's acting also improved tons between S2 and S3, he's just a lot more detailed and complex and interesting at this point. And while I found much of the Rose/Ten interaction in S2 cute, and enjoyed the connection they had, I also have to say that their "exclusive mutual admiration society" got a bit much and is not half as interesting as the issue-wrought relationships and complexities of S3.

Reminds me, I still need to write up my thoughts on Torchwood S1. Because at this rate I'll be watching S2 very soon, and would be nice to write up my main thoughts before that. Going to try to do it soon.
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