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7th-Aug-2018 10:56 am - Tardis library reccer's bingo card
garnet red dress lady
I'm just posting my reccer's bingo card for [community profile] tardis_library here so I don't have to go looking for it. When I've actually started filling the squares out, I'll try to remember to link to each rec post in the card.

ApocalypseDaleksMissing adventureCrackAge difference
Robots/Androids/AIBattle/struggleFamilyIt’s not what it seemsSupernatural
RunawaysIntrospectionWILD CARDSpecial occasionFairy tales
DreamsRegenerationHumourEpisode relatedRemix
Alien InvasionHuddling for warmthAtonementFashionTreasure

[community profile] tardis_library is, by the way, a recent Whoniverse fic-reccing community on DW, which runs monthly themes and a bit longer-running challenge like this bingo thing, to help spur you on with the reccing, but you can also recommend anything else any time, and there's also a place where you can ask for recs. Do check it out!

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garnet red dress lady
Hugo voting closed about two hours ago; I got in most of my notes well over a day in advance (which is well done for me, I guess, considering how few of the nominees I'd read when I decided on an impulse to get a supporting membership). But I kept waffling about the John W. Campbell nominees (Best New Writer) until almost the last minute, because gosh darnit they're all so good and all deserve to win. Anyway, I naturally ended up reading fewer of the nominees than I wanted to, but still read quite a few things I might not otherwise have read, or would have taken much longer to. I thought I'd ramble a little about my reading experience and my thoughts, favourites etc. I ended up going for so long that I'm only covering the first two fiction categories in this post.

The Best Novel and the Best Novella categoriesCollapse )

Okay, this is getting really long. I'll get back to the remaining categories in another post (hopefully).

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22nd-Jul-2018 12:52 pm - Current Classic Who update
garnet red dress lady
The Classic Who marathon on Twitch will soon be over; we've moved into Seventh Doctor era, and to Ace. I've been hearing about Ace for so long and everything I heard made me think I'd love her, and so I was eagerly waiting for this part, and happy to see that the schedules would allow me to see almost all of the Seven & Ace stories. I didn't see much of Dragonfire because I had to work, and I had to skip The Greatest Show in the Galaxy because my eyes can't handle that much marathoning, but I've seen The Happiness Patrol, The Silver Nemesis and Battlefield, which were all great, if occasionally weird. But hey, that's Doctor Who. And I can happily say that I love Ace, she met my expectations, and I love the combination of Seven & Ace. They're one of the best Doctor & Companion duos I've seen in all of the show, new and modern. Also, why don't we usually get told that it's Ace who first had the fez? Eleven is just channeling her when he dons a fez or shouts 'Geronimo!'

I'm going to have to look for a Ace-in-fez icon with the caption "fezzes are cool".

I'm not going to really say anything about the Sixth Doctor era, because those stories aired on work days when my brain was melted by the heat, so I didn't watch a lot. He did seem to get saddled with mostly horrible writing, and not the most engaging companions, and the most awful post-regeneration story, so it doesn't feel fair to say much before I've had a proper view of better stories.

Anyway, back to Seven & Ace. It's interesting that the show actually feels a lot closer to New Who in tone and style and everything than it does to most of what I think of as Classic Who. I suppose it makes sense. Late 1980s are closer to 2005 than they are to the 1960s, and television and storytelling changed a lot in that era. The soundtracks are awfully jarring, though. Oh, late 1980s.

Curse of Fenric and Survival remain, and then it's all over. I'm kind of relieved it is over, to be honest, because it's exhausting to watch this much of it (even if I catch maybe 25 - 30 % of what they actually show) and to speed through Doctors and companions this fast. But it's been awesome to get an overview of each Doctor and era and most companions, and I really have become a Classic Who fan as well. I'll now be one of those who get all pouty when people only like New Who. Though obviously I prefer some eras to others, 26 years is a lot of TV and of course I don't love all of it equally. And obviously I now need to see all (or most) of it.

So I expect that I'll next be gradually watching it story by story, in a slower fashion. I'll start by seeing all of Second Doctor era that I possibly can, because that's where I lost my heart and I can't wait anymore. After that I'll probably have to see all the Nyssa stories, and then I can consider starting from the beginning and going more or less in order (though I really didn't care for Third Doctor era, so I'm likely to skip that on the first time around except for Sarah Jane's episodes. It's where I'd have dropped out of the fandom if I'd been watching the show as it aired, and complained loudly for years that everything went to the dogs when they switched to colour. And then I'd have found myself back into the fandom once Sarah Jane had been around for a while, and been totally pulled in by Leela and Romana. Yes, I mostly sort the show by companions. In this case also because I'm more into Four's companions than I'm into Four himself. Which isn't to say I dislike him, he's just not one of my biggest favourites, so the companions matter the most.)

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19th-Jul-2018 10:28 pm - Right!
garnet red dress lady
Well, now we've got something. A proper trailer for Doctor Who Series 11 / the Thirteenth Doctor, with footage and words and all.
This is gonna be fun.Collapse )

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garnet red dress lady
So I just wanted to say that I've been watching the Fifth Doctor era episodes on the Twitch marathon, and I freaking adore Nyssa.

She's so smart and sweet and just lovely and she loves books books books and knows science and her hair is so puffy and her sleeves are so puffy!!

Also, I get to ship her with Tegan and there's no question of that. And I like Tegan, too. Not as much as Nyssa, but she's pretty great. She's so resourceful and strong-willed. And I've been over the moon watching so many stories with two female companions who work together and are friends and sometimes save the men and totally own themselves. Even without the shipping potential they're great. But also. Shipping.

I like Five pretty well. Probably my second favourite Classic Doctor so far. It's nice to sometimes have a Doctor who's mostly nice and kind and gentle. He doesn't have to be so bloody difficult in every incarnation!

(Notes about the Fourth Doctor era: I loved both Romanas, her second incarnation maybe even more than the first. My feelings on the Fourth Doctor varied a great deal. He's definitely interesting and memorable, but I also want to smack him a lot.)

But just. Nyssa. Nyssa Nyssa Nyssa. I adore her. Fangirling here very much yes. And I want her outfits. Except the Snakedance one. I might have worn that when I was sixteen, though. (I don't want Tegan's outfits. Though the air stewardess uniform is super cute on her.)

I'm sad that Nyssa's last story is airing tonight and then no more Nyssa for me on this marathon. There's a bunch of serials I haven't seen or only saw bits of, though, so I guess I'll be ordering more DVDs soon.

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My haphazard voyage into Classic Who via Twitch marathon continues. I'm still not managing to watch most of the episodes, but enough to have an idea of what I want to see more of. Things definitely got more interesting for me again as soon as Sarah Jane showed up. I loved her in the new series and I definitely love her in the classic series as well! I had good opportunities to watch a lot of early Fourth Doctor, as the episodes coincided with the Finnish Midsummer which is a big holiday I had no particular programme for. But I have a limited ability to take in audiovisual media without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, so I didn't watch all of the episodes I could have, then.

But, I definitely like Fourth Doctor. I can see why he's so legendary. Also, I can see he's had a lot of influence over the later Doctors; I see and hear lots of things that are familiar from the New Who era Doctors I've watched previously. I particularly feel reminded by Ten and Twelve, which makes sense as Tennant and Capaldi are the ones who've been Doctor Who fanboys when they were young.

Anyway, this week I've managed to catch some episodes with Leela, and I love her, love her. Including having a major crush on her, oh my. I wonder if, when I'm done buying Second Doctor DVDs, I'll have to buy all the Leela stories next, rather than proceed in any logical order. Though we'll see how things proceed now that we've started on Romana. I managed to catch bits of her first two stories today, and I love her madly as well.

I've ordered a bunch of Second Doctor era DVDs (including the Lost in Time which has the various existing material from lost or partly lost serials). Now I just need to find time to start watching them. Oh, and find my DVD player remote control. Finding things in my home tends to be exceedingly difficult. Except maybe if the things are books, because those I just leave everywhere and the place is swarming with them. But I digress. Anyway, I also maaaay have taken advantage of the Big Finish sale for Companion Chronicles and spent about 40 € on Second Doctor era audios, especially with Frazer Hines (Jamie) and Wendy Padbury (Zoe). Oops. Heh.

I've found Big Finish audios quite recently - in the sense of actually starting to buy them, listen to them and enjoy them; I did know about their existence before. It's all because of Torchwood. There not being enough Torchwood TV canon with all the right characters, I couldn't resist buying some Torchwood audios, have discovered that I really enjoy them, and that I've got a taste for audio drama I didn't know about because my previous experiences with audio drama were limited to Finnish radio dramas which are really not to my taste, but that's because Finnish "serious literature" doesn't tend to be to my taste. So anyway, that has made me curious to try more, and the Second Doctor era also has the problem that there isn't enough material in the TV canon (because so many episodes have been lost) so all these audios became really tempting.

Hmm, this Classic Who thing might prove to be not very good for my finances.

On the other hand, it's very good for my mood, mental state, and creativity, so I win anyway.

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26th-Jun-2018 02:29 pm - Turing Fest fics
garnet red dress lady
I'm a little late posting about the [community profile] turingfest reveals, which happened about 10 days ago, but here goes! It was a multi-fandom fest about AI/cyborg/robot/android/etc. characters. My gift was a lovely Doctor Who fic about the TARDIS and the Doctor, from TARDIS point of view (I love TARDIS POV fics! there need to be more of them!). It's lovely and beautiful, I love the flowy feeling of the narrative flowing in an out of various moments in time like the TARDIS consciousness would. Plus, there's a bit of implied Doctor/Jack, which is always lovely!

Five Moments Shared (1057 words) by Merfilly
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: The Doctor's TARDIS, Jack Harkness, The Doctor (Doctor Who)
Additional Tags: Fluff, 5 Things, Implied Relationships, Timeline What Timeline, wibbly wobbly timey wimey continuity
Summary: Five moments the Tardis shared with her Thief</p>

Even if you've never read TARDIS POV before, or didn't know you might want to read it, this is a good one to start from, because it's not very long but still shows a lovely series of views on the Doctor & TARDIS relationship.

It's actually the only fic I've so far read from the fest, because it was the only one not mine that was written in my fandoms, but I do plan to take a look at the Original Work category, because I've come to adore AI/robot/etc. stories. But I didn't get around to it yet, because I promptly fell ill when the fics were revealed, and took a while before I could even leave a proper comment in my gift fic.

I also ended up writing Doctor Who, TARDIS POV fic, though my recipient and assigned writer weren't the same person (I wouldn't have been surprised if that had happened, it was an exchange of just a few dozen people, and I didn't know most of the other fandoms involved). It was my first time ever attempting TARDIS POV or any AI/sentient spaceship/etc. focused fic, but after a lot of editing I did end up fairly happy with the result, and the recipient seems to be happy with it as well, which is the most important thing!

After the Time that Never Was (4032 words) by AuroraCloud
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: The Tenth Doctor & The Doctor's TARDIS, Jack Harkness & The Doctor's TARDIS, Martha Jones & The Doctor's TARDIS
Characters: The Doctor's TARDIS, Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones
Additional Tags: Post-Year That Never Was, Episode: s03e13 Last of the Time Lords, Hurt/Comfort, POV TARDIS, Sentient TARDIS, Sentient Timeship, Pre-Season/Series 04
Summary: After the Paradox, the TARDIS heals. So do those aboard her.</p>

And if anyone read it during the anon period who's familiar with my fics, they could probably spot it was mine miles away. Dealing with the Year That Never Was? Check. Ten, Jack, and Martha? Check. Jack's Fact-ness? Check. Jack and Ten's complicated relationship? Check. Jack and Martha connecting? Check. But I loved exploring the TARDIS POV to it all, and making her recovery the centre of the fic, not only her travellers. I should try to write more TARDIS-focused fic, I really enjoyed it.

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garnet red dress lady
As many of you (but maybe not all) probably know, [personal profile] rachelmanija recently started the idea of FF Friday, with the idea of reviewing/recommending any book/story/etc. featuring women loving women. It doesn't have to be a positive review, if you've had a negative reading experience you'd rather tell about, and the reviews can be as long as or as short as you like. There's a community for it, [community profile] fffriday, and I'm going to try to do this as often as I manage, posting a longer review/rec here in my journal, and linking to it in the community. Do check out the community if you're interested in the topic; there are already plenty of interesting works you can find reviewed there.

I've wanted to do this since it started, but I seem to kind of fail at actually doing this on a Friday - often I'm too tired on Fridays after a week of work, but yesterday was Midsummer's Eve which is a big holiday in Finland and hence a day off and I didn't have any program planned, and I still didn't get around to writing it. But I figure early Saturday is okay, too. Hopefully I'll get around to doing this as often as possible now that I've started. I've no pretensions of being a professional reviewer, but I do my best to give an overview of the books and how I felt about them, and not ramble on endlessly as I tend to.

So, I wanted to start by writing brief reviews of Heather Rose Jones's Daughter of Mystery and The Mystic Marriage, the first two books of her Alpennia series. Because I've been meaning to write about these books ever since I read the first one last year, and they're awesome. The books are historical fantasy with a strong element of lesbian romance, but they're not romance genre; the adventure/historical fantasy portion is a stronger part of the plot, though the romance is significant. There is a third book out, Mother of Souls, and it recently won The Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Novel of 2017. I haven't read it yet (I'm saving it a bit!) so I won't review that yet.

I absolutely adore these books. They take place in an alternative 19th century Europe, in a fictional Central European country called Alpennia (I'm assuming from the context it's located somewhere between France, Switzerland, and Austria). The fantasy element draws heavily on actual historical mystical material from European history - the first book involves magic based on mysteries for invoking various saints and their protection, the second deals with alchemy. They centre on a group of intelligent, studious, strong-willed women who don't conform to the expectations of women or the typical roles of female characters in historical romance, and whose lives and roles draw from the rich history of what women have actually been able to do throughout different centuries, even if we're not usually told about it. Basically these women just want to study and learn with their other female friends and do magic / alchemy / be excellent swordswomen and lawyers / etc. Oh, and they fall in love with other women. And it's beautiful and grand.

More detailed review, cut for your browsing comfortCollapse )

Finally, if you're interested in history of lesbians / women loving women, you should check out the author's website and blog for the Lesbian Historic Motif Project, where she has assembled an amazing wealth of historical research involving queer women in the past, with careful attention to sources and how to read them critically, understanding what we can deduce from the available material and what we can't. She also does The Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast that's a part of this project over at The Lesbian Talkshow podcast. Every Saturday has a new podcast about historical lesbian/queer women, research into them and gender and sexuality, and historical fiction about queer women, including historical fantasy / alternative history (such as steampunk). Every now and then there's also a podcast where a new original piece historical f/f short story is narrated. It's a very good quality podcast, and even if you don't normally listen to a lot of podcasts, it's worth checking out if you're interested in the topic. It's one of the two podcasts that got me hooked into podcasts in general (the other one being the Doctor Who themed podcast Verity!). She also is on Dreamwidth as [personal profile] hrj.

The Lesbian Talkshow podcast is great in general, featuring several different podcasts in one, many of them discussing lesbian fiction in one way or another. Totally worth checking out! I don't like all of the different podcasts, but enough that it's worth subscribing to - I just delete the episodes that aren't to my taste.

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17th-Jun-2018 10:48 pm - Classic Who updates again
garnet red dress lady
I've continued getting into the Second Doctor era of Classic Who, though the Twitch marathon has moved on. The Invasion wasn't shown during the marathon, I guess because they didn't have the rights to the two episodes that have been reconstructed as animation because the video hasn't survived. But you can view it online in some places, and I've been watching that lately. It's 8 episodes long, and because I don't have to marathon, I've been taking it more slowly and am not yet quite finished. There little enough that has survived from Two's era that I don't want to rush through the rest of it. But The Invasion is good, and the Cybermen are my favourite recurring monsters (favourite in the sense that they actually do scare me and a lot of the stories with them seem to work well). And yay Zoe gets a girlfriend a friend and there's Capable Girls Doing Adventurous Stuff Together, which I much approve of. (I'm so going to write f/f for them at some point.)

I've also been falling down the Two/Jamie rabbit hole. I went to look for fic pretty much as soon as I'd finished watching what I could of Two's stories in the Twitch marathon. Naturally fic existed, though I haven't found huge amounts of it in my usual DW fic haunts (AO3 and Teaspoon) - actually, most of the good stuff is written by the same person, who I'm gradually starting to shower with kudos and comments.

Anyway, I'm enough into this that I've just splurged a fair amount of money on buying a bunch of Two era DVDs. It's going to be a while before I've got them all, because all stories being in separate DVDs, it doesn't become cheap. Eventually I'm going to want to get some First Doctor era stuff as well, especially as I didn't catch nearly enough of Vicki, and there are companions I haven't seen at all yet (most notably Polly and Ben). I did order the "Lost in Time" DVD set which has the various episodes that exist of the One and Two era stories that are partly missing.

One note on my thoughts, cut for spoilers for the War Games endingCollapse )

I suppose with the black-and-white era already preying on my hard-earned, scarce money, it's just as well that thus far, I haven't been able to like Third Doctor era at all. I've tried watching several stories by now, and the only one I managed to watch from the beginning to the end was The Three Doctors - not because the story is any good, as it isn't, but because it had Troughton and Hartnell (mostly Troughton, but a bit of Hartnell as well). Any time either or both of them was on screen, I was immediately interested no matter what rubbish the script was. Oh, Troughton wiped the floor with all the rest of the cast (save for Hartnell). Even if I got the feeling he wasn't quite in top form either, probably due to how bad the script was and not having much anyone interesting to act with. But still, it was amazing how much more interesting he made the story whenever he was on screen.

But yeah, the whole Third Doctor era is really not impressing me. True, some of the episodes I was trying to watch when sick with a nasty flu, so it considerably affected my desire to go on if I didn't enjoy something. But it hasn't improved even after my health did. Ranting about UNIT setting, Third Doctor, and Jo.Collapse )

Anyway, really looking forward to my DVDs arriving soon! It's fun to be obsessed with something new, even if it's sort of the old thing in the sense that it's Doctor Who. But so very different from what I've viewed until now! Hopefully I won't fall for too many of the Classic Doctors and companions, because my finances can't support it...

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8th-Jun-2018 09:39 pm - Classic Who discoveries so far
garnet red dress lady
Ooh, okay, I'm in trouble. The gleeful, fannish sort of trouble. I'm only two Doctors into the Classic Who Marathon, have only been catching a handful of stories in full, plus snippets of a some others, and I'm already turning into a Classic Who fan as well. This is going to be so bad for my finances. Because do you know how many DVDs there are out there?

The marathon is free, but working full time + Finnish time zone = not managing to catch more than a fraction of the stuff. Enough to give me a feel of the show back in the days and to introduce me to the characters and actors, but meaning that if I fall for any of them, I haven't seen most of their episodes.

Despite only seeing The Tomb of the Cybermen and The War Games in full out of his episodes (plus decent-sized portions of The Enemy of the World and The Mind Robber), I'm already in love with the Second Doctor, and all of his main companions that I've seen - that makes Jamie, Victoria, and Zoe. After watching The War Games today, which is a fantastic TV story from decades ago, I'm too emotionally wrung up from it to even go on to the Third Doctor yet, as I discovered when I tried to start tonight's viewing. I'll return to the show in a few days - The Terror of the Autons will be on at a time when I can reasonably watch it, and maybe I'll have recovered by then. Also, the Verity Podcast did a quiz show a while back where something like every fifth answer was The Terror of the Autons so I want to see it just because of that.

But gaaahh, I guess I'll have to start stocking up on the Second Doctor stories that are available (so damn many are lost, argh). And of course they're not available in conveniently priced DVD boxes, but each story in its own DVD. Some stories can be found online, but as far as I can tell, classic seasons aren't on any streaming services I can access. I hope I at least won't fall this hard for every Doctor and Companion I see, because damn, that would get expensive.

From the First Doctor's era, I didn't see a lot, but I loved Vicki to bits and I'm going to want to get some of her stories for myself eventually. Also, William Hartnell is charming and the First Doctor is odd and delightful, and I'm currently super-mad at Steven Moffat for how unfairly he wrote the character for Twice Upon a Time (the latest Christmas special). David Bradley's acting was great, but the writing did the First Doctor a great disservice. It also seems to me rather false about suggesting the First Doctor's era would have been super sexist. Classic Who does seem to have more women screaming or conveniently fainting than modern Who, and occasionally being left to the more peaceful (but important) pursuits while the men run off to danger, but otherwise? A lot of the women are headstrong, smart, capable, adventurous and totally holding their own. I love Barbara's poised, intelligent demeanour, Vicki is smart and adventurous (and when she and Steven adventure together, she's totally the boss and the brains). Even Susan has her bright moments, though she does a lot of whiny-teenage-girl stuff that gets annoying. I haven't seen any Polly and hardly any Dodo, so I can't comment on them. But I'm generally impressed with the female characters so far, though one noticeable thing is way fewer women in non-central, background roles.

Also, I like that because there are a lot of companions in these stories, always at least two at a time, there's room for different kind of personalities. So you can have a more soft-spoken, introverted, gentle girl like Victoria, who still is in no way stupid, just coming from an era where girls like her led a sheltered life; because you'll still have Jamie charging on and bouncing about as a counterbalance. I love that there are male companions who aren't just the main companion's boyfriend - Jamie actually is the main Companion of the Second Doctor, seeing as he's there for almost all of his run - and that the TARDIS tends to be crowded. Even in New Who, I've usually loved it the best when there has been more than one companion on board. I like it when there's an opportunity for a multitude of dynamics and personalities, not just one companion who for the duration of her stay is The Most Important Special Person Ever In The Whole Universe and her relationship to the Doctor is The Most Special Ever. (Ahem, excuse me. I've just gotten through the entirety of Clara's run in New Who. And when I'll be ready for another Super Special Companion Because She Is Special and Her Loss Will Devastate The Doctor In An Unprecedented Manner... uh, how about NEVER.)

Don't get me wrong, I want the Doctor to care about his companions, but I'm tired of there always being This Super Special One That Makes All The Others Unimportant And They're Special Exactly Why? Well, They Are.

Also, I'm so relieved to find, at least in these first seasons, no overt sexual-tensioning and romancing on the TARDIS! (Though Two and Jamie are super slashable. But they're comrades first. And the creators probably didn't intend for them to be slashable?) I'm so tired of assuming that anyone who wants to travel with the Doctor must do so because they want to shag him. It's fine if some occasionally do - especially when Jack does, because Jack does - but I'm getting tired of it happening all the damn time, like that's the only reason you'd follow a time-traveling alien who can take you anywhere in space and time in his gorgeous retro timeship. Honestly, if I was in Doctor Who, I'd likely be more in love with the TARDIS than with the Doctor.

So... I look forward to continuing, once I've recovered enough from The War Games. It's kind of crazy, though, that they're showing 36 years worth of TV in seven weeks. I'm not sure I'll be able to jump from one Doctor to another quite that fast.

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