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Aurora Cloud
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This journal is approximately half fannish, half personal / random interests, though more personal entries will be friends-locked. I'm a 30-something eternal fangirl who wanted a place to be fannish again and write about other points of interest. I'm head over heels in love with Doctor Who and years and years behind everyone else in the fandom. Basically, I've only finished Ninth and Tenth Doctor's seasons, and am rewatching them and watching Torchwood before I go on. I also adore reading, creative writing, nature, stargazing, history, ballet and other dancing, and musicals.

I started this blog because I missed being a fangirl online in something that allows proper discussion of things (should anyone want to discuss all that years-ago stuff which is so recent for me), and because my thoughts and opinions about Doctor Who are possessing me and I need some place to put them into. I haven't done it nearly as much as I meant to, but there are some thoughts and ramblings all over the place; you can use the fandom-related tags to find them if you're interested. My favourite characters are Captain Jack Harkness, Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble, though I love many others, too. While I'm only rarely a shipper, I ship Jack/Doctor something mad. I also enjoy Torchwood, especially Jack, Ianto and Toshiko, and ship Jack/Ianto as well.

Doctor Who is my biggest fannish obsession now, but I also enjoy many sf/f books, currently especially Becky Chambers' Wayfarers books and Gail Carriger's books. Am quite a bit of a geek in general, with tendency to get very obsessed over something and stay that way for long. I daydream, think too much, write, and drink lots of tea.

One of the reasons I started this is the hope that I might meet other people who share my interests and discuss things online with them. So if you feel at all inclined to it, feel free to friend me and comment! I may occasionally follow some people who would at least seem to be active and in the same fandoms, but don't feel any pressure to add me back if it doesn't seem to be your thing.